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1 Mode
2 Games
138 Players
90 Elapsed Minutes
2 Factions - both victorious...

Welcome to Faction War 2021

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IT's finally here...






New England Magfed has hosted a variety of events, all of which have been an independent and collaborative success. These successful events have enabled paintball fields to grow their player-base exponentially, given those players the ability to try new and exciting game modes through a playable standard, and we have been fortunate enough to support charitable initiatives that better communities around us.

We only plan on doing more for our players, fields, and local communities in 2021 and 2022.

We are so very appreciative of the fields and players that have come together to experience Magfed for themselves. Those that have, are amazed by our professionalism, our outstanding community of players, and the ease of access for newer players to appreciate our sport without intimidation or surprises. 

Thank you to all of our players and we'll see you at the next NEM event!

NEM Evolution

Our 2020 Field Rotation:


Thank you to our sponsors, supporters, and the entire Magfed Community.