New Event Inbound:


NEMFOG 31 Special Event

NEMFOG 31 is a unique event for players interested in understanding the sport of Magfed. Whether you are a new or veteran player, NEMFOG31 will be one of the most anticipated and important to attend during the 2019 season.


We will be revealing a completely new iteration of play. One that, in conjunction with AG Paintball, will shape how games will be played throughout the 2020 season.

We had anticipated "big" changes about a year and a half ago. A demand was created to separate certain detachments from one another based on specific abilities. 
We have since found a way to capture, and now display those abilities in our monthly NEMFOG format, compounded with new game mechanics that will reshape the entire industry. 

Please join us on November 17th to become a part of the next step in NEM evolution.

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