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What is NEM?

We are New England Magfed.

NEM is a detachment of paintball enthusiasts hailing from various regions of New England. NEM is a community, network, and team! Players participate collectively in a unique iteration of paintball known as Magfed. Opportunities to play take form in monthly Magfed Only Games, as well as other unique events hosted by NEM. 

What is Magfed?
Magfed Paintball is a combat sport involving a number of individualized and team-based objectives within a simulated combat experience.


Players compete, while utilizing unique magazine-fed paintball marker systems to enhance immersion. 

Our Faction War series of events is made for everyone! We host monthly games at various fields throughout the United States and abroad. If you love the sport of paintball, and would prefer that your investment lasts, then Faction War is the way to go.

Our Mission:

Circa 2013 -

Our mission at New England Magfed has been to:

- Procure events for the paintball community - 
host and volunteer at charitable events ($63k Shoot for  Cure, $1m - Swim With a Mission...)


- Grant sponsorship to Colleges and Universities (Plymouth State University),

- Contribute legitimacy to the most wholly diversified sport the planet. (Faction War is the longest standing and recurring platofrm of it's kind) 


We are by players, for players.

We are New England Magfed.


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